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Privacy Policy
Ken and S Corporation protect your privacy and keep your personal information you provide through City Hotel N.U.T.S website safe.

1.The information we collect

On our website, we ask the customer to provide personal information in following cases.

  • Reservation
  • Inquiries
  • Other (When we ask you to provide your information other than for above services, we will notify you to handle your personal information and clarify its purpose.)

2.Purpose of using personal information

Personal information we collect on this website is used only for purposes mentioned above in section 1 "The information we collect", or in following cases.

  • When we need to contact the individual for some reason.
  • When we make statistical analysis to improve and provide our service or product.
  • When we grant individual's consent.
  • When we offer service or product which is valuable to the customer.

3.Disclosure of personal information

We handle personal information we collect carefully and will only disclose information in following cases.

  • When we grant individual's consent.
  • When laws requires to do so.


We follow reasonable procedure to ensure the security of personal information preventing loss, misuse and alteration of the information.
We use Cookie in some pages on this website to provide comfortable web service with the data sent from web server to your PC.

5.Links to other websites

This website provides links to other companies' and associations' web sites as useful information to the customers. We do not take any responsibility for their contents, claims, or management of personal information.

6.Update or remove membership information

If you would like to update or remove your information, please contact us immediately.